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In the construction we use thousands of abbreviations, to some it appears like a foreign language, to assist translation here is a summary of terms:






BD - Building Department

BIM - Building Information Management

BS - British Standard

BSE - Building Services Engineer

DB - Design and Build

EN - European Standard

FATB - From Above To Below

FBTA - From Below To Above

ISO - International Standards Organisation

GI - Galvanised Iron

RE - Resident Engineer

RSE - Registered Structural Engineer

SI - Site Inspection

SE - Structural Engineer

TA - To Above

T&C - Testing and Commissioning

TB - To Below

TCP - Technically Component Person

PRD  - Pearl River Delta

PAN-PRD - Pan PRD, or 9+2

VO - Variation Order


project management

CP - Critical Path

DLP - Defects Liability Period

MC - Mission Critical

PM - Project Manager

PMP - Project Management Planning


power and energy

BIPV - Building Integrated Photovoltaic

CHP - Combined Heat and Power

EEI - Edison Electric Institute

EE - Energy Efficiency

RE - Renewable Energy

ST - Steam

p2e2 - Pollution Prevention Energy Efficiency

PV - Photovoltaic

ZNEB - Zero Net Energy Building


ACB - Air Circuit Breaker

AL - Aluminum

CU - Copper

ELCB - Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

ELV - Extra Low Voltage

HV - High Voltage

Hz - Hertz Frequency

LV - Low Voltage

MCB - Miniature Circuit breaker

MCCB - Moulded Case Circuit breaker

MV - Medium Voltage

PDU - Power Distribution Unit

RCD - Residual Current Device

SPN - Single Pole and Neutral

TEFC - Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

TPN - Triple Pole and Neutral



AFA - Automatic Fire Alarm

BG - Breakglass

FH - Fire Hydrant

FS - Fire Services

FSI - Fire Services Inlet

HR - Hose Reel

MFA - Manual Fire Alarm

SPR - Sprinkler



AHU - Air Handling Unit

AP - Access Panel

BEMS - Building Energy Management System

COND - Condensate

CR - Clean Room

CT - Cooling Tower

CV - Constant Volume

DRV - Double Regulating Valve

EP - Electrostatic Precipitator (air filter)

FCU - Fan Coil Unit

HP - Horsepower

HR - Hour Run

KED - Kitchen Exhaust Duct

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

OA - Outside Air (fresh air)

PAU - Primary Air Unit (fresh air)

PCB - Printed Circuit Board

RAD - Return air Duct

SAD - Supply Air Duct

ST - Steam

S&C - Steam and Condensate

TG - Town Gas

VAV - Variable Air Volume

VRV - Variable Refrigerant Volume

VFD - Variable Frequency Drive

WT - Water Treatment




SI - Site Investigation

TCP - Technically Component Person




BQ - Bill of Quantities

QS - Quantity surveyor

SMM - Standard Method of Measurement



CRAC - Computer Room Air Conditioning Unit

DC - Datacentre

ICT - Information, Communications and Technology

LAN - Local Area Network

WAN - Wide Area Network

CAT5 - Copper LAN Cable

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply



Contention - Where two or more separate automatic control systems operating in the same space, fight each other. Independent, each may operate in a different mode simultaneously. For example, one system senses rising temperature and delivers more cooling. Whilst the another control system sensing the dropping temperature delivers more heat. Wasting an enormous amount of energy.

Passive Design - Design including placement of buildings, and building elements to permit, and optimize the use of natural processes (wind, light, solar) to maintain occupants comfort levels without the use of mechanical equipment.