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Datacenter Planning: Site Selection

by John Herbert | Director

Business today relies on continuity, living in a 24-7-365 environment means datacenter planning must meet the needs of today, and those of tomorrow.

And when international organizations need new facilities, they rely on Kelcroft because kelcroft is one of the few with international datacenter infrastructure design, and planning consultants keeping your facility operation 24-7.

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Fault tolerant facilities to support your business 24-7-365.

Datacenter Planning and Management Solutions

We have seen managers increasingly demand more accountability, putting the onus on datacenter owners and operators take all reasonable responsible measures to ensure the E&M infrastructure's stability have been undertaken - prevention is more cost effective than downtime.

One such insurance is Kelcroft DC audit (a first in Asia).

Our wealth of experience in the data center sector helps ensure that your facility meets your current, and future requirements. We have created a number of data center services to meet your needs:

Data center condition survey - This service comprises the visual site inspection of your facility’s E&M infrastructure establishing the condition of the major plant and equipment. Findings are documented and delivered in a detailed report.

If risks and or deficiencies are identified, a qualitative and quantitative explanation is provided for each, including prioritized recommendations for fixing, based on industry standards, and engineering best practice Click here to learn more about Kelcroft's data center condition survey service

Is your critical technology housed in a data centre facility that actually impairs performance? Overloaded Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) infrastructure can interrupt operations, cause unplanned outages,  and downtime that may erode an organization's credibility, lose sales, or lose customers.  Kelcroft's data center audit service provides a comprehensive on-site E&M audit assessing the E&M infrastructure, often applied successfully to integrate new equipment into your facility.

Deliverables include verification of installation and service space, examination of the capacity and availability of your power distribution system, analysis of cooling system capacity and airflow distribution, and a review of installation readiness prerequisites. An in-depth report identifies any deficiencies and provides remediation action plan Click here to learn more about Kelcroft's data center audit service

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Data center thermal assessment service- This service leverages sophisticated CFD modeling software tools to model and analyze the thermal performance and dynamic conditions within your data centre.

Kelcroft professionals will recommend changes to optimize climactic conditions, identify hot spots, and where feasible reclaim capacity, postponing or even eliminating the need for infrastructure upgrades Click here to learn more about Kelcroft's data center thermal simulation service

Data center design - This service comprises the infrastructure design, tendering, and supervision of the engineering services to support your new data centre Click here to learn more about Kelcroft's data center E&M design service

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Data center design checking and validation - This service comprises the independent design verification and validation of date centre designs provided by other firms or contractors. It provides a technical audit, and review of design, drawings and specification to ensure the design will meet the rigorous demands for data centre environment, including continuous maintenance, operability, and reliability. Click here to learn more about Kelcroft's data center checking and validation service

Further Information

For further information regarding Data center services, including design, auditing, and planning Mission Critical facilities contact Mr. John Herbert at our Hong Kong office or email us