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Blade Server Planning

by John Herbert | Director

Need help planning your datacenter migration to blade servers? Kelcroft helps business providing expert experienced datacenter infrastructure design, planning, migration and certification keeping your facility operational 24/7.

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Hot Spots

Blade servers offer many advantages in the IT environment, increasing the processing power within the same footprint is an attractive option for datacenter managers.

However, with those extra cycles comes extra power and cooling requirements, often twenty times more than a typical datacenter, unchecked this extra heat load, and required air conditioning cooling can cause instability and overheating.

If your datacenter power and cooling is incapable of accommodating the more sophisticated hardware hot zones, or hot spots develop signaling problems ahead.

Kelcroft: your trusted advisor for datacenter migration projects

We offer a full range of expert, tailor made data center planning, design and assessment services, which evaluate the E&M infrastructure and environment, to efficiently optimize the use of your resources and help owners and operators make better decisions.

Blade Servers

Managing datacenters is becoming more complex, not only are DC managers required to implement better faster application, they are also stressed to add value, providing increasingly better services and lower costs, whilst simultaneously overseeing the reliability and integrity of the IT and E&M infrastructure.

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So what are the primary concerns for migrating and implementing the latest blade server technologies into your datacenter. It comes down to two issues, which in essence are two sides of the same coin.  Increasing the server density demands more electrical power, and that in turn creates extra heat impacting the cooling system infrastructure. Although many datacenters have the total capacity to service the needs of high density computing, the distribution, having sufficient power at point of use is a challenge.

Kelcroft's wealth of whitespace experience in the datacenter IT sector helps ensure that your facility meets your current, and future requirements. We have created a number of datacenter products to help you sleep at night:



Datacenter Condition Survey

How much power and cooling is currently available, how much equipment can I add, what is my spare capacity - these are all common questions managers ask. Kelcroft can answer those questions and more. Our unique datacentre condition survey is the first step to establish your current loads. It comprises the visual site inspection of your facility’s E&M infrastructure establishing the condition of the major plant and equipment, its capacities, and identifying spare capacity.  Investigative findings are documented and delivered in a detailed report.

If any risks or deficiencies are uncovered identified, a qualitative and quantitative explanation is provided for each, including prioritized recommendations for fixing, based on industry standards, and engineering best practice for more information click here to learn more about Kelcroft's datacenter condition survey.




Datacenter Audit

Is your critical technology housed in a datacenter facility that actually impairs performance? Overloaded Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) systems (also known as MEP) causes unplanned outages, creates hot spots, service interruption downtime that may erode an organization's credibility, lose sales, or lose customers. 

To answer your questions Kelcroft provides a datacenter audit service providing you with a comprehensive facility audit, it is more detailed than the survey, helping managers understand the capacity of your existing E&M infrastructure, often applied successfully to integrate new equipment into your facility.

Deliverables include verification of installation and service space, examination of the capacity and availability of your power distribution system, analysis of cooling system capacity and airflow distribution, and a review of installation readiness prerequisites. An in-depth report identifies any deficiencies and provides remediation action plan for more information click here to learn more about Kelcroft's datacenter audit service.




Modelling Heat flow (CFD)

Migrating to blade servers or other technologies demands high density computing, typically demanding more power, and creating cooling difficulties. To help you plan the process and make smarter choices Kelcroft is one of the few firms that can leverage the power of sophisticated CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modeling tools to analyze the thermal performance and dynamic conditions within your datacenter. data center planning, hong kong, datacenter, cfd modelling, 
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Kelcroft professionals model the heat flow, allowing recommendations for optimizing climactic conditions, identifying hot spots, and potential trouble spots BEFORE deployment.

It is even feasible reclaim capacity, postponing or even eliminating the need for infrastructure upgrades to learn more about Kelcroft's datacenter thermal simulation expertise



Datacenter Design

This service comprises the infrastructure design, tendering, and supervision of the engineering services to support your new data centre to learn more about Kelcroft's datacenter E&M (MEP) design capabilities click here.

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Checking and Validation

This service comprises the independent design verification and validation of datacenter designs provided by other firms or contractors. We help providing a technical audit, and review of design, drawings and specification to ensure the design will meet the rigorous demands for datacenter environment, including continuous maintenance, operability, and reliability to learn more click here to find more information about Kelcroft's datacenter checking and validation service.


Lowering energy costs

Datacenter facilities are expensive to operate, the electricity bill alone often features six figures. For example at the search engine giant Google after it's people cost, electricity is the next largest item on the expense sheet.

datacenter energy audit lowers the cost of ownership

Couple that with increasing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and it is clear datacenter managers are increasingly pressured to maintain the business continuity at a lower cost.

One sector that offers opportunities to lower operating cost (OPex) is the utilization of energy, recovering lost capacity or lowering the cost of energy adds extra value to your datacenter to learn more click here for more information regarding Kelcroft's energy auditing service.


Further Information

For further information regarding datacenter services, including design, auditing, and planning the migration of your Mission Critical facilities contact the experts, call Mr. John Herbert at our Hong Kong office or email us today.

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