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John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

For more than twenty years I have helped organisations creating and designing solutions. I have already provided innovative, energy wise built environment solutions that reduce your costs and environmental impacts.

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If you seek an internationally experienced firm, trusted by local and multinational corporations, Kelcroft is the choice.

We give you time to focus on your core operations while Kelcroft tackles and solves your construction, energy and engineering challenges.

Energy Consulting - Energy Audits

Lowering and managing your costs is a priority, Kelcroft's real world experience delivers usable information to cut your costs, and enjoy energy cost savings year after year.

We have in-house Registered Energy Assessor (REA) for BEEO compliance, EMSD energy audits and Compliance declarations.

To learn more about Kelcroft's expert energy audit services more

Increasingly manufacturing facilities and factories are enjoying the benefits provided the results from a Kelcroft energy audit (Factory Energy Audit PDF)

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Green Building

Building a better, greener environment with benefits for both landlords and tenants has been widely recognised, Kelcroft helps organisations using our green building expertise and help obtain BEAM PLUS green building certification more

Green building has been widely adopted in the industry, with most projects requiring a BEAM Professional as part of your team from day one.

And beyond Green Building our Building Services experience is invaluable, we have helped design teams deliver better buildings, including Excellent Grade IAQ.

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Sustainability is simply put the only future for all organisations, Kelcroft helps businesses adapt and adopt policies and key technologies for a future low carbon economy.

Like or not sustainability and energy are two sides of the same coin .....learn more

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Technical Services

Kelcroft leverage's decades of expertise helping organisations make sense of complex technical issues. We provide due diligence, inspections and reports for a range of problems including air conditioning plant breakdowns, cooling towers audits, energy audits, and insurance backed with our international experience contact us today for more information.

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More Design Not Less

With limited resources and rising costs, more thinking, more time and more design will be needed, dedicated towards design. And that includes buildings, engineering systems and retrofits. It makes sense to spend time designing out problems from day one rather than wait until the building is open, then tackle the problems, prevention is better than the cure.

Providing energy saving design for buildings and industry is our passion, our expertise helps lower the operating cost for commercial buildings and industry, with the added benefit of reduced environmental more

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Site Survey and Inspection

Our 30 year building expertise gives you confidence, we provide E&M condition surveys, inspections

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Yours Sincerely,
John Herbert


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date: 19-09-21
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